13 Reasons Why to Hire a PF Consultant

PF consultant is the one who is tasked to provide various services. Since the payroll process in India itself already is a very sensitive subject, the job of the executive becomes very difficult. 

While an employee is more concerned about how accurate and timely disbursement of his take-home salary.

At the same time, an employer is concerned more about other important things such as payroll cost, accounting, vital allocation of funds.

Since enacted by the Government, compliance of statutory provisions is compulsory and mandatory.

Therefore, a PF consultant plays a vital role in any company or business in providing its services.

A PF consultant always has to deliver unmatched business value to its customers through the combination of unmatchable excellence of processing, high-quality frameworks, and innovation of delivering services. 

Being a PF consultant is never an easy job. The executive has to deal with employers and their employees. Success is measured on how intimate relationship one has developed with employers and their employees during the period of providing services.

There are many privileges of being a PF Consultant and one of such privilege of those executives is to have access to personal information of employers and their employees, which is very essential for the compliance of statutory provisions and generating various reports.

However, it has to be maintained confidential as much as possible, a competent payroll executive may know employers and their employees better than merely gathering a database of personal information of employees.

Bottom line is that they deal with people and winning their trust and confidence will benefit them, position them as their close friend in a corporation.


In Compliances to the Provision of Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952, a PF Consultant provides the following services :

  1. Explaining The Objectives

The first and foremost job of the PF Consultant is to explain the main objectives of the Employees’ Provident Funds and Misc. Provisions Act and Pension Scheme and guide everyone necessary about its applicability and benefits that come with it. 


  1. Establishment Code Numbers 

If it is applicable, it is required to submit an application to obtain the establishment code number(s). 


  1. Filling All The Necessary Forms 

It is the job of the PF Consultant to submit all personal and family details of the employee’ who are eligible by filling various forms such as Form-2, Form-11, Form-13 (revised), both on the hard copies as well as on their official website and register them for various benefits under the scheme. 


  1. Arranging And Issuing Account Numbers 

It is also the job of a PF Consultant to make the necessary arrangements and issue an individual account number to all such employee’ who are eligible to be covered under the scheme and maintain Form 9.


  1. Guiding

As a part of their job, a PF Consultant is required to guide both the employer as well as employees properly, so that get all the proper benefits available under the scheme without any hassle. 


  1. Designing Structures And Depositing Challans

It is one of the most important parts of being a PF Consultant is to design the compensation structure of employees, deduct their PF contributions and deposit along with employers contributions on the basis of months by submitting challans in State Bank of India on time.


  1. Attending Inspection 

It is one of the primary reasons why a PF Consultant is hirer. Since the employer is not always available, an executive is hired, who can assist in case of any visit or inspections by PF Officials and help them to keep everything going smoothly, remarks and submit the written explanation if required anywhere. 


  1. Representing On Behalf Of The Employer

It is the responsibility of the PF Consultant to provide coordination on various legal matters, other matters and represent the clients as and when required to PF authorities.


  1. Ensuring Benefit

It is the responsibility of the PF Consultant to ensure that all the eligible employees are getting their retirement benefits as well as pension benefits on time.


  1. Smooth Functioning

It should be ensured by the executive that all the work is going on smoothly. 


  1. Updating the Clients

It should not be forgotten by the executive to educate and update the clients from time to time as and when required with various developments going on and amendments by providing full transparent support.


  1. Submitting Returns

It is also the job of the PF Consultant to submit returns from time to time without making any delays. 

Various forms and monthly as well as yearly returns such as Form 10, 5 and 12-A, 3-A, 6-A, Reconciliation statement, Form 10-C, Form 10-D, Form 19, Form 20, Form 5-if, and all other necessary forms as per the requirement of the establishment as well members should be submitted. 


  1. Assisting Employees

It is the job of the executive to coordinate with PF authorities for better benefits to the employees so that they can be covered under the scheme and to provide assistance as and when required to eligible employees to withdraw from EPF.


It is the right time to hire a PF Consultant in Delhi. It would a lot of money, time and energy. If you are looking for one, there are plenty of professionals who would be a consultant in Delhi.

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